Residential pest control products

Residential pest control products are also known as Do-It-Yourself Pest Control. These are products that one can easily make at home with the readily available materials found in the house.

Ant Control Products

It is most important to first classify the category of ants that one is dealing with, and then pick the accurate …

Flying squirrels removal and control

Flying Squirrels are as a pest species that live in buildings and they are nocturnal, and they live in colonies of several animals.

Getting rid of flying squirrels is fairly similar to the elimination of Eastern Gray Squirrels except that Flying Squirrels can occur in a large extent numbers.  Repeating traps are usually better than …

How to protect apple trees from bugs

Before spraying the apple trees, we need to know why we are spraying apple trees. Here below are some of the reasons: To protect against bacterial diseases

  1. To prevent fungal diseases
  2. To kill insects such as codling moth, aphids, etc.
  3. To kill insects such as, aphids, etc
  4. To stimulate the trees own resistance from various

Natural termite controls do it yourself

Termites can independently reduce to rubbles the foundation of a house in a few years since   first destruction works of termites may not be manifested for the first five years after their invasion. It may be too late by the time you ascertain and harm caused by then could not recovered. Your home being the …