Different types of Electronic Pest Control

Electric and ultrasonic pest control is another method used widely by many people to get rid of the unwanted guests in the house. In this post I will review the different devices that are widely used in many homes. These gadgets will work depending on the type of pesky creatures that you want to get …

Let us talk about insect control and how to get rid of them

insect controlPests are real threat to flowers, plants, herbs, shrubs, and gardens. There isn’t any garden that is free from diseases and pests. One can only protect their garden from such pests but they cannot eradicate them completely. Given below are some tips that can be used in addition to forming a protective barrier against the …

Is there an electronic mouse deterrent that works?

This is one of the many questions that many home owners always want to know since no one wants to waste their hard earned cash on a product that does not meet their demands and this is true even when you visit many popular online pest control forums and read the many reviews.
Mice are